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General Information
The purpose of the USAF Design Awards Program is to publicize and recognize projects that have achieved the Air Force goal of design excellence as it relates to the natural and built environment. Three levels of awards are given: the Honor Award, Merit Award, and Citation Award; the Honor Award being the highest of the three. There are no annual quotas as to the number of awards given, neither is there a ranking of winners within any of the award levels. Each entry competes on its own merit. Entries can be funded through MILCON, NAF, Privatization, etc.

Entry Requirements
Submittals may be developed by any organization involved with the study, design or construction of the Air Force project. However, all entries must be approved for submission by the responsible Base Civil Engineer (or designated authority) using the approval form as this web site facilitates. There are no age or cost limitations for USAF Design Awards Program entries. There is no limit to the number of times a project may be submitted for competition; however, an entry cannot concurrently compete in more than one category. An entry may only win an award once in a given category. Careful consideration should be given prior to resubmitting an entry without upgrading the quality of the entry package.

Quality of Submittals
The images and descriptive narratives should be prepared to attract the attention and interest of the jury, and therefore should be of the highest professional quality.

Submittal Date and Contact Information
All entries must be submitted by close of business on 4 July 2019, and this web site will be closed to additional entries after that time.

Questions regarding submittal requirements should be directed to:

Mr. David Duncan, RA LEED AP

Please provide your contact information and email address when submiting questions.