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The United States Air Force Design Awards Program was established in 1976 to recognize and promote design excellence. Over its history, it has become a viable and important program that is institutionalized within the Air Force. It is widely recognized throughout the federal government and is supported by the enthusiastic participation of notable professionals in the private sector. Much more than simply an awards competition, the winning projects establish the benchmark of design excellence that the Air Force expects for all its facilities and installations. The program itself is a proud recipient of the 2000 Federal Design Achievement Award, which recognizes exceptional design achievement from all sectors of the Federal Government.

This site provides the mechanisms for design organizations to submit entries for competition in the current year's program. Entries are judged during late August each year.

To automate the submission and judging process, all nominations for the 2019 USAF Design Awards Program must be made via this site no later than 4 July 2019. No hardcopy submissions will be accepted.